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Our Story

A Legacy of Beauty Blossoms

Discover the rich history of Designer Blooms. From Manila to North America, a family-run flower business turns into a brand delivering beautiful experiences across the globe.

Happy Blooms Guarantee

Whomever you’ve chosen for delivery, we understand their happiness is also yours. It’s not just about the bouquets, but about making the whole experience wonderful.

For each delivery, we offer a Happy Blooms Guarantee. This is a promise of quality and beauty with every bouquet, gift and experience delivered by Designer Blooms. On time, every time. If we’ve missed the mark, we appreciate you letting us know and giving us a chance to make it right.

Brand Partnerships

We partner with brands to craft distinct product experiences and bundles. With our team of talented floral artists, we’ll design and create eye-catching retail experiences. Be one of the many brands that we’ve collaborated and continue to work with.