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False Cypress


This potted plant is called a Cypress.  It’s around 2 feet tall and great for the indoors.

PART SUN: 3-6 hours of direct sunlight daily

You should water your plant when the soil is slightly dry, ensuring that the soil just gets damp and not extremely wet. Do not over water it as this is usually the cause of indoor plants dying.

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  • Packaging:

This arrangement will be packaged in our plant carrier that has a long handle for easy carrying and handling.

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Our flower delivery service follows a method wherein your arrangement will arrive at top condition. Designer Blooms knows that to send flowers is not just a gift, but it is also about sending one’s thoughts, best wishes, and emotions to your loved one.

  • Our Fresh Flower Policy:

We strive to deliver the freshest and most beautiful flower arrangements possible. With this in mind, some deliveries will require substitution of materials based on availability. These items include flowers, fillers, or packaging. You will always receive an arrangement of comparable or higher value.

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